Carpet Cleaning Services in Holloway, London

Carpet Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Livingroom Carpet from £25

clean carpetCarpet cleaning may seem an easy and achievable task to you, but it is really a highly laborious and demanding job that requires a professional approach. A health problem can be solved by a doctor, while a cleaning problem – by a professional cleaner. For your carpet cleaning problems, our Holloway based company offers competent solutions and affordable pricing. Choose us and you will never think of cleaning your rugs and carpets yourself again.

The proper cleaning and maintaining of your carpets requires daily or weekly hoovering, as well as regular in-depth cleaning. Unless you are an expert and have all the time in the world, however, it isn’t a feasible task at all.

Our professional cleaning service will save you time and efforts, but most of all, it will ensure a high-quality thorough carpet cleaning that is done quickly and safely.

carpetOur company is a leader in the professional cleaning services in Holloway for a long time. Over the years we have conducted numerous cleaning sessions and projects, removed tonnes of dirt and grime, leaving our customers happy and satisfied. Our professional cleaners have the expertise, the skills and the tools to treat your carpets with the most appropriate method and cleaning product.

Armed with specialised cleaning equipment, our cleaning techs will thoroughly hoover your floor coverings and pre-treat any food or pet stains. Then, they will carefully sanitise the carpets by steam cleaning – the most efficient method today for deep carpet cleaning. Forget about swollen and buckled wooden floors. Our technique will leave your carpets almost dry.

Another reason for choosing our professional carpet cleaning service is taking care of your family’s health. Widely available cleaning products come with a long list of dangerous ingredients that may cause various symptoms and trigger allergies. On the other hand, we clean your carpets with the utmost care, using environmentally-friendly detergents.

Don’t gamble with your health – book our carpet cleaning service in Holloway and the nearby areas, and say goodbye to stains, dust and allergens. Our customer service is available at any time and day, while our cleaning teams work from Monday to Sunday without extra charge for weekends or holidays.

“I am really satisfied with the carpet cleaning services you provided. All stains are completely gone, the colours look more intense and everything smells fresh and lovely. It’s also great that you use non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Thank you for your professional work! – Jennifer”


  • What method of cleaning do you use?
  • In order to achieve the best possible result, our carpet technicians apply the most advanced carpet cleaning solution, know as hot water extraction. This method involves injecting purified water under high pressure into the carpet, which loosens the dirt, so the carpet cleaning machine can draw it immediately. In this manner all unpleasant odours, grime and bacteria are completely eliminated.
  • How long will it take you to clean my carpet?
  • It depends on the size of the carpet, how soiled it is and the amount of furniture to be moved. In case a spot removal treatment needs to be done, the duration of the cleaning may also be prolonged. Our skilful operatives are trained to work in a prompt and efficient way and under normal circumstances, the job will take around 30 minutes per room.
  • Is moving furniture included in the service?
  • Yes. There is no additional charge for moving furniture and other items obstructing the process of cleaning. However, our operatives are able to move furniture up to 20 kg. Once, they finish their job, everything will be moved back in its rightful place. We do advise our customers to remove any small objects, plants and electronic devices in advance.