Carpet Cleaning Services in Totteridge, London

Carpet Cleaning Price
Landing Carpet from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Livingroom Carpet from £25

clean carpetOur company is based in Totteridge and we have long years of experience in professional carpet cleaning. From the very beginning we have been developing our business according to the safest and most modern cleaning practices. Today we are able to offer a great variety of cleaning solutions, high value and professional approach on each and every case.

One of the things that makes our services the most preferred choice in Totteridge is the devotion of our employees. They work with great care and attention and know how to achieve brilliant results in each carpet cleaning situation. Our cleaning technicians are highly-trained and have the competence to clean all types of carpets. They understand the importance of the individual approach and will always listen to your requirements.

carpetThey will carefully analyze the type and the conditions of your carpets and will give you the best cleaning solution. You can completely trust their professional approach and rest easy knowing your carpets are in capable hands.

Our carpet care involves only the safest cleaning methods and technologies that are extremely effective and clean in depth without affecting the colours or damaging the delicate fabrics. Proper vacuuming and pretreatment of stains is the first step in our work. To remove deep-down dirt, allergens, dust mites, we use the hot water extraction method. It gives astonishing results on all types of fabrics and is entirely safe for your health. The moisture extraction technique is a vital part in our carpet care. Up to 95 % of moisture is removed and drying time is not an issue any more.
We hire the best and most responsible professional cleaners and we guarantee their spotless reputation. They can provide references from hundreds of happy clients and you can be relieved your carpets are in good hands.

We are the company in Totteridge that can provide the high-quality carpet care you need so book our services and take advantage of the special discount packages we have!

We are available 7 days a week and we have flexible working hours so you can schedule an appointment whenever it is convenient to you. Make the best choice and let us take proper care of your carpets!

“I am a regular customer of yours and I use the carpet cleaning service roughly twice a year, so I am sure of the good quality of the air in my home. The dust that accumulates in the carpets is very bad for the health, so I am happy to say, no bad air in my house! Thanks to your company, of course! – Tasha”


  • What method of cleaning do you use?
  • In order to achieve the best possible result, our carpet technicians apply the most advanced carpet cleaning solution, know as hot water extraction. This method involves injecting purified water under high pressure into the carpet, which loosens the dirt, so the carpet cleaning machine can draw it immediately. In this manner all unpleasant odours, grime and bacteria are completely eliminated.
  • How long will it take you to clean my carpet?
  • It depends on the size of the carpet, how soiled it is and the amount of furniture to be moved. In case a spot removal treatment needs to be done, the duration of the cleaning may also be prolonged. Our skilful operatives are trained to work in a prompt and efficient way and under normal circumstances, the job will take around 30 minutes per room.
  • Is moving furniture included in the service?
  • Yes. There is no additional charge for moving furniture and other items obstructing the process of cleaning. However, our operatives are able to move furniture up to 20 kg. Once, they finish their job, everything will be moved back in its rightful place. We do advise our customers to remove any small objects, plants and electronic devices in advance.